A Guide to Understanding Depression and Trauma, And Healthy Coping Behavior

Depression & Trauma

TIP: The need for resources is essential to help individuals process their experience in a healthy way and to regain hope through secure and safe emotional connections.


Depression in couples should be viewed in the context of adults and where they are developmental.

Saying no to Depression

“Mental Health Discussion/Depression and /Preventing Suicide. Disclaimer: Information & discussion should not replace Doctor’s & Therapist’s requirements for treatment ⤵ (Disciplinary Team Treatment Plan requirements. We are volunteers discussing to remove the stigma so that ppl can get help. Saying…

Diaspora Community “Saying No to Depression and Preventing Suicide”

it is important to highlight that Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Literally repeated as follows, “If you or someone you know is suicidal/it is important to connect them with appropriate services.


Depression: 19 to 34 years most high risk. Suicide is permanent Difference between America and back in Kenya 1. Too much pressure 2. Work-life balance 3. Not making enough income 4. Little too outlet for sharing what you are going…

Depression and Alcoholism

Dual diagnosis: Depression and Alcoholism. Suicide prevention life line 1-800-273-8255 Suicide is a permanent solution to temporary problem. Dual diagnosis: depression and alcoholism. A person has mental illness and alcohol use or drug problem. This means one needs to seek…

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